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Rust Nigeria is Growing

The years and efforts to build a conducive environment where community members can engage with peers have seen Rust Nigeria's branches like Rust Uyo and Rust Benin City host their physical meet-ups.

The picture shows excerpts from the Rust physical meet-up. Follow us on Twitter to get fascinating updates about the community. Let us explore unique features from community members.

Rust Nigeria Newsletter

Open Source projects


Livechat is a live server that uses TCP and Asynchronous Rust to send messages it is a side project with the main longer-term goal being to integrate it into FiM (federated identity management) protocol for delivering messages. This project created by Mordecai Etukudo, showcases how to incorporate TCP and Asynchronous Rust.

Rust Nigeria Newsletter

Task Manager CLI

The task manager by g4titanx is a Command Line Interface tool that is designed to efficiently manage tasks. It allows users to add, list, and retrieve tasks, with the added functionality of persisting task data across program executions. This showcases the use of Rust's Clap for building a CLI.

Rust Nigeria Newsletter


Understanding Smart Pointers in Rust: A Comprehensive Guide

A pointer in programming is often a piece of data that directs to the location of another piece of data like, for example, your home address directs to where you live. Smart pointers are like regular pointers that direct to the location of a piece of data but with additional capabilities which include allocating multiple owners to a value, interior mutability, and more. In this article, Joshua delves into Smart pointers in Rust.

Rust Nigeria Newsletter


Rust for Web Assembly.

Rust is great for enhanced safety, speed, and concurrency. There is also the use of Rust for Web Assembly. This 8-minute video from Cudi explores this better.

Rust Nigeria Newsletter