Learning is better with a community

Hello Rustaceans!

We've made it through half the year and we're proud to bring you the sixth edition of the Rust Nigeria newsletter.

In addition to the growth of over 200 members reported in the last issue, we've noted a significant increase in activity especially with new rustaceans. Every so often, someone comes along and asks a question. In a few minutes, they always get an extensive response from the community that helps the new rustacean and consequently educates other people on the group. We're thankful for the community's growth.

That said, today's issue brings us one article on lifetimes in rust and a developer story about a passionate community member who loves low-level programming with Rust.


Rust Nigeria Newsletter

Developer Stories


Lifetimes in Rust

Ayo is back again with another article. In this article, she writes a really interesting beginner's guide to lifetimes in Rust

Rust Nigeria Newsletter